Saturday, April 9, 2011

End of Hour 6 Update

I decided that a shower was necessary lol.  Working on setting up my mini challenge for hour 15, just polishing off the last minute details.  So excited!!!  Dragging the laptop out to the other room so I can eat lunch and get some cheering in at the same time. :)

Current book: Lover Unleashed by JR Ward

Time spent reading since last update: 0 min
Total time: 2 hour 17 min
Pages read since last update: 0
Total pages read: 94

Mini challenges completed this hour: Book Boyfriends
Total mini challenges completed: 6
Cheerleading hours complete (1 hour commitment): 0
Books completed: 0

Random joy:



Ashley Amanda said...

I once got a fortune that read "You have tasted both the sweetness and the bitterness of coffee" I thought that quite fitting since I am a Coffeeaholic

Helena Sparrow said...

That is so random. I got one once that said "Everyone agrees that you are the best" Where do some of these things come from? lol

Ashley Amanda said...

I got another one that says "You love peace" I have a whole stack of them at home that were so interesting that I just couldn't throw them away!

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