Saturday, April 9, 2011

End of Hour 12 Update

Current book: Lover Unleashed by JR Ward

Time spent reading since last update: 43 min
Total time: 3 hours
Pages read since last update: 34 pages
Total pages read:167

Mini challenges completed this hour: none
Total mini challenges completed: 10

Random joy:



Ashley Amanda said...

Team Salty Cheese, LOL you crack me up! Can you believe its already been 12 hours! I thought it would take longer than this! Keep up the good work chicka, we're almost there!

Lily Ghates said...

Where are you finding these pictures? LOL.

On second thought, I probably don't want to know.

Ok, time for me to dive into the Kindle and get my head in the game.

Helena Sparrow said...

Umm I literally google imaged 'funny' lmao

Lily Ghates said...

I should have known, LOL!

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