Saturday, April 9, 2011

End of Hour 15 Update

Really enjoying all the responses to my challenge!  Keep up the reading guys!  We are on the home stretch :)

Current book: Lover Unleashed by JR Ward

Time spent reading since last update: 37 min
Total time: 4 hours 35 min
Pages read since last update: 24 pages
Total pages read: 219

Mini challenges completed this hour: Character Theme Song
Total mini challenges completed: 14

Random joy:



shaunesay said...

oh yes! J. R. Ward!

You're doing great! Keep it up! So glad you could join us today and hope you're having fun!

Cover to Cover
And Coast to Coast
Across the Oceans
We've been brought together
By what we love the most!
Let's hear it for the readers!

Helena Sparrow said...

Shaunesay - that jingle is so cute!!! And yes JR Ward is da bomb dot com ;p

Ashley Amanda said...

Just checking in, making sure you're awake and going strong! :) Keep it up chicka!

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