Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BDB Gear

Over the past two weeks, I have amassed a decent amount of BDB fan gear.  Note the following exhibits:
My favorite brother!  Godzilla fan anyone? ;p
Click to enlarge.  I think it provides a nice contrast with the camo "Toyota" block lettering on my back window.
Java cup of awesome!

Aww a true reflection of my inner heart!
The golden goose so to speak!
You may now drool over my spoils!


Susie said...

Oh I am so getting one of the to go mug! Lucky you!

Helena Sparrow said...

Heck yea! I am totally bringing it to the clinic tomorrow...wish they would let me wear my shirt, but alas lol.

Lily Ghates said...

You are too much, LOL! Miss you so much!!

My keeper shelf said...

I am definitely drooling!


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