Friday, April 22, 2011

BDB Book Club: Dark Lover Discussion

This is a tad late...but life got the better of me recently.  So without further ado, here are my answers to the discussion for the first book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series: Dark Lover by JR Ward.

1. On a scale from 1-5, what would you rate this book? Briefly tell us why.

I would rate it a 4 out of 5.  See our review here for the reasoning behind the rating!
2. What did you think of the alternating point of views (Darius, Beth, Butch, Wrath, Marissa, Mr. X, Havers...)?
I love stories where we get a rounded and complete view of the plot line and setting.  Marissa is not my favoirte character; I pretty much loathe her in all honesty.  She strikes me as weak and so I tend to skim over her parts.  The whole drama with the Omega and Mr X really intrigues me...the whole keep your friends close but your enemies closer lol.  I really liked hearing from all the other characters and was deeply saddened that Darius' part was cut so short.

3. What did you think of the new language Ward created? (i.e. Shellan, Princeps, Doggen, etc.) Did it help pull you into the story or distract you?
The language helps build the world.  None of the terms are too far out there for me.  Once I feel like I can't pronounce them or that they all sounds the same, is when I lose focus in a novel.  Neither of which occurs for me with this series.  I also love the snide slang terms and phrases that each brother uses; they make me giggle like a little school girl!
4. We all know that this series is Paranormal Romance -- and we all know that's the good stuff, however, did you feel that Beth and Wrath moved a little too quickly in the beginning? How did you feel about these events given what had happened to Beth the night before?
Yes!  I was put off by Beth jumping in the saddle that fast after her almost rape.  The connection that they share is well developed and the level of intense loyalty/love helps smooth it over with the reader, but it was still a bit of a shock.
5. What did you think of Zsadist's surprise singing abilities?
I love that Z has a soft 'angelic' center...just like a Rolo!  Hehe!
6. How about that offer Havers made Zsadist in the end? Did you think Zsadist would do it? Do you think Havers punishment for this incident (or lack thereof) was fair?
Havers' offer was a display of pure cowardice.  If he was so upset about how he thought his sister was treated, why didn't he bring it up to Wrath himself?  I did think Zsadist might choose to go through with Havers' suggestion.  All we know about Zsadist from the first part of the book is how violent and void of emotion he is.  Havers' deserved a real punishment.  I don't necessarily think he should have been put to death, but simply brushing it under the table is crap. (yes that was putting it eloquently)
7. What did you think of Darius' decision to come back from The Fade, but never again know his daughter? What would you have done given the same choice?
Darius obviously wants to be close to his daughter, to be able to protect her from harm.  I find this to be a noble and just cause.  This speaks completely true to character, what little of an impression we got to have before the explosion.  At the same time, if he never gets to know his daughter, then isn't the whole purpose of his returning a moot point?  If I could be certain that I would get to be around my loved one, then I would definitely do it.  It would be hard to lose those memories; however, if I got them back when I finally did pass into the Fade, I would be more willing to go through with it.
8. Compare the Brotherhood Books (on first impression) to other vampire series that you've read. Is is better or worse and how so?
There really isn't another series that I have found that compares.  I adore it, the characters are well built, the world is amazing, and the action/emotions are fiercely intense.  In recent installments, the novels have more of an urban fantasy edge to them than the typical paranormal romance; but, I like my novels with more of an edge and less of the funny fluff, so it fits me perfectly!  I have heard that Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series is similar; however, I have not picked up on that series yet...though it is on the TBR pile.


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