Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dark Lover by JR Ward

Lily already posted a review of Dark Lover two years ago.  This novel was actually the inspiration for this blog and the flame that ignited my personal love of all things vampiric.

When I signed up to participate in the BDB Book Club I immediately thought about all the wonderful hours I have spent in Caldwell...and the countless hours I have spent scouring bookstores and talking vamp with my friends.  I have literally recommended this series to countless people; and I have yet to have one person resist the plunge and not fall in love.  The BDB is nothing short of spectacular.

Every re-read just solidifies my enjoyment.  I still crack smiles every time the brothers smart off to each other.  The sadistic/black humor makes the novels for me.   It is just a special recipe that I have yet to definitively find in another series.

Thank you so much for basically birthing this blog, Warden!



Lily Ghates said...

The first, and still one of the best! Much love to the Warden!

Brasil said...

I absolutely loved this series. The writing style was entertaining and funny. My attention was engulfed in this series from beginning to end!! This has been the best vampire series so far. The author's spin on the vampire craze is refreshing and unique. I can't wait for the next book!!!!!

Lily Ghates said...

Couldn't agree more, Brasil. We eagerly await the next release as well.

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