Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vampires vs Zombies: Battle for the Guinea Pigs

As Lily mentioned in her review of Flip This Zombie, guinea pigs are no longer just a timid squealing childhood pet.  These critters are hitting the zombie streets; as well as tantalizing the taste buds of vampires.  That's right folks, vamps enjoy rodent blood.

*drum roll, please*

Enter Catherine Jinks' novel The Reformed Vampire Support Group!

(Ta da!)

Blurb from amazon:
"Nina Harrison has been 15 years old since 1973. That's because she is a vampire. She and the members of the Reformed Vampire Support Group break the mold when compared to the accepted vampire lore that has been around since the time of Count Dracula. They are not beautiful, strong, powerful, rich, or in control. Instead they are sickly, struggling just to stay alive, living on the blood of the..."

Wait for it...wait for it...
"guinea pigs" (LMAO YES!)  

"...they keep, and making the best of their affliction. They have vowed not to drink human blood or be responsible for the creation of another vampire. Nina hates her boring, uneventful life, which changes drastically when Casimir is staked and the group, realizing that the killer knows who and where they are, all move in with Nina and her mother, a nonvampire. With only a silver bullet as a clue to track the vampire slayer, Nina, Dave, and Father Ramon, who sponsors the group, set out on a dangerous journey. Along the way they rescue a werewolf from an illegal fight ring, deal with a villainous father/son team, and discover that their immortal lives might have more to offer than they ever thought."

Recently our posts have centered around zombies, so I figured the vampires deserved the chance to reclaim their blog. :)  Now I am off to find other items for my amusement.



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