Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shadowfever Spoiler Excerpt

Karen Marie Moning has released the first two chapters of her upcoming release Shadowfever. These chapters were leaked by a distributor without ill intent. As a result, Moning decided that all the fans should get access and decide for themselves if they want to know the answer to the big question. If you have read the series so far, you know exactly the question I am referring to. If you are still interested, click here.

Situations where book material has been leaked are not a new thing. I remember when Stephanie Meyer revealed that she would be taking a break from the writing of Midnight Sun due to leakage. You can read her partial draft online as well.

It is heartbreaking to me that these situations have ruined the experiences for readers and authors alike. Accidents happen and those are unavoidable; however, intentional posting of spoilers for unreleased works is just plain wrong. Even spoilers for released books bother me; that is why Lily and I are so diligent about posting huge warnings before putting any spoilers in any of our posts. The authors work too hard and the readers anticipate each installment too much for their hard work and enjoyment to be ruined.

*off mini soapbox*



Lily Ghates said...

Spoilerage is one of the highest forms of douchebagery.

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