Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Paranormal Side of Real Life

In the past week, I've encountered this story several times. I know we generally stick to paranormal media on this blog, but I thought this story just may fit the paranormal bill.

There is a bridge called the Overtoun Bridge, near Dumbarton in Scotland, where dogs jump to their death.

That's the one purely factual statement I am able to make about this story, because all other details are either disputed or conjecture. Some say the first "dog suicide*" occurred in 1950. But other articles trace the weird occurrences back to the bridge's construction a century earlier. Some say 50 dogs have leaped to their death from the bridge. Some put that number closer to 600. Some blame paranormal phenomena, some blame human emotions of depression or despair that dogs are able to sense and react to, and some blame the repeated deaths on the local mink population.

We are so bad ass

The only thing the majority of articles agree upon is that this site, over the centuries, has witnessed a great deal of human tragedy. A number of articles also cite reports of unexplained phenomena occurring on or around the bridge. And, in Celtic mythology, Overtoun is known as a "thin" place, or place where the divide separating Earth and the spiritual realm is thinner and more easily penetrable.

I do not know why dogs are jumping over the Overtoun Bridge. I don't really believe dogs are mentally capable of premeditating their own deaths in a way that could label what these dogs have done "suicide." [Note - I have a dachshund, the most depressed, evolutionarily-challenged breed in existence. If dogs were capable of suicide, mine would have found a way]. But something is causing these pets to leap over the bridge. Is it paranormal or scientific? What do you think? Personally, I can't wait for resident veterinarian Helena to chime in.

The Face of Dog Depression
I have 3 inch legs and a 39 inch spine.
I bottom out on stairs. I can't scratch my own ears.
Kill me please.

If you are interested in learning more about this story:
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Helena Sparrow said...

I remember watching an episode of Paranormal State where they had a haunted attic/woods. Every dog that lived on that street/house had run out onto this normally light trafficked road and been hit by cars. I think there may be energy there that freaks the animals out, causing them to blindly flee (the whole fight or flight response) and ending up jumping the bridge. Honestly, dogs are simple creatures that do not wish for death/suicide. Food, toys, a hug...pretty much all they need to feel like the world is worth it. However, the Brady look screams of "look at me, love me, my life is nothing without you", pure devotion you could never hope to find in another human being ;p. Shelley has perfected this look and exercises it beautifully when it gets close to dinner time.

Lily Ghates said...

Haha. We wouldn't be able to toss our dogs over that bridge, they'd cling for dear life begging for treats.

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