Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Recommendsday Review - Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

Karen Moning's Fever Series is four books deep with a fifth slated for release on January 18th.

I acquired the first novel, Darkfever, as a free promotion on the Kindle back in July.  Quite a few of my friends have vehemently demanded that I read the series with the impatient promise that "we have much to discuss."  Much like Jericho Barrons' character, my friends would not explain the reasoning behind their obsession, just that I must join them.  So, finals ended leaving me with a void of time to fill; finally, I caved in and started reading.

Darkfever introduces us to MacKayla Lane, a young twenty-some years old, bubbly, "pink and rainbows" girl with the typical self-centered and free-spirited personality of many of our current generation.  We join Mac soaking up the summer sun at her backyard pool jamming out to "It's a Wonderful World."  This wonderful world shatters when Mac's older sister, Alina, is murdered.  Mac is determined to find her sister's killer and dole out a heaping dose of revenge.  She hops on a plane to Ireland and traces her sister's footsteps, leading her straight into a world she never knew existed and into a side of herself she was completely unaware of.  The Lane sisters are sidhe-seers, capable of seeing the Fae in all their gore and glory.  Dublin is overrun with the dark and sadistic fae, hellbent on consuming all that the city has to offer.  Joining ranks with Barrons, a mysterious otherworldly bookstore owner, Mac gets sucked into a harrowing plot to stop the fae encroachment, fueled by her desire of revenge for her sister.

I was not completely sold on Darkfever.  The novel was so hyped up from my friends that I think I expected more than I got.  I also had a hard time connecting with Mac.  She was just too spoiled, self centered, and perky for my liking.  Barrons was easier for me to connect to, which makes me wonder a tad about myself, haha.  I continued with the series because I wanted to know what captured everyone's attention so raptly.  I am so glad I did. :)  Rating: 3.5/5

Bloodfever is the second in line.  The story takes on a darker air which sucked me right in.  The action is crazy fast and nerve racking!  Tension between Barrons and Mac rises, V'lane, a fae prince, becomes a larger player on the chessboard of this plot.  Mac's personality develops and we get a sense of what she is actually made of.  I adore this new change and started to connect with her.  Her plight became my plight, her confusion and frustration with Barrons and V'lane became mine.  Bit by bit, Moning reveals facts, deceptions, and secrets of the Fae-Dublin collision course.  Mac learns that there are many things to fear, including the fae, shadows, mobsters, and parts of Barrons himself.  Make sure to read Mac's journal at the end of each book, it helps to remind yourself of key plot points and build more cohesion in your quest for the answers Mac seeks.  Rating: 4.5/5

Faefever comes in third.  This series seriously gets better with each installment; easily portrayed in my increased ratings. I am vague about plot points on purpose, I really do not want to spoil this series for those that have not started it.  I will have a small spoiler section about my anticipations for Shadowfever at the end of this entry so be forewarned.  Mac continues to grow as a character, gaining more crimson and black and less of the bubblegum pink sweetness.  V'lane and Barrons continue to be major influences on Mac's actions; and continue to act as her personal saviors, yet their own personal agendas do not go unnoticed.  As Mac's powers grow, she realises more and more how big her role is in the fate of our world.  The ending to this one is not for the faint of heart.  I felt powerless, reading in horror; feeling for Mac in a way that I never would have anticipated when I read Darkfever.  Rating: 5/5

Dreamfever the fourth installment picks up right where Faefever left us hanging. The intensity between Barrons and Mac is palpable and heart wrenching.  Mac is stronger than ever, with new found powers that make her nearly invincible.  Juggling all her contacts, friends, and allies, Mac is crazy busy and still not quite sure who she can trust completely.  The action sequences are great.  World building deserves an A plus.  Despite my attempts to savor each chapter, I found myself flying through the pages.  I loved this novel.  Mac is far from the princess she appeared to be at the beginning of the series; I find myself actually wishing for some of the carefreeness back.  If she isn't careful, the dark world will completely mold her into something I don't want to even consider.  It makes me want to send her a mini rainbow or something lol.  Ending is excruciating.  I am so glad that January 18th is close!  Rating: 5/5

 And as promised:


Ye have been warned!

The following is a text conversation I had with one of my friends privy to the series:

Helena: What?!  No!  Son of a bitch!  Damn you fever series!
Friend:  Lol I told u
F: It's f*cking horrible
F: At least we only have to wait 19 more days
H: I was happily reading thru at 91 percent done on my kindle.  So I was like, ok still have about 5 percent left of story.  Then bam I hit the next button and was like woah woah woah not cool ahhhh
F: I know.  F*cking cliff hanger
F: And the worst too.  Bc I keep thinking it's barrons
H: I dunno.  I mean she heard the monster when he was right there in the garage.  Im wondering if its dreamy eyed boy.  I gotta find the one passage at the bar and read it again.  If you read his entry in her journal at the end of dreamfever it sounds strange.  But nothing is certain with that series.  It could be V'lane, Barrons, apparitions of her family, or Alina, too many possibles
F: I know. Gah
H: And Ryodan told her not to look and to run.  So he knew.  Geez not fair lol.  It's bittersweet though that it's the last novel of the series.
F: I know.  And it was actually written really well too
H: It was.  I didn't really like the first book, but then it picked up and hooked me.  I wanna know who her dad is.  I bet its a doozy.

Coming into this series so late in the game, I was granted the reprieve of not having to wait for cliff hanger resolution.  Now I am clinging to the edge of a precipice with nails chewed down to the quick.  Ahhh!  Come on Moning, I am dying here!

My mind is swirling with questions.  Who is laying at her feet?  Who is her father?  Where is the LM?  What are Rowena and the other sidhe seers doing?  Where is Christian?  Where/Who is Barrons really?  Will Mac and Barrons finally admit their feelings for each other?  What happened to V'lane?  Are Mac's parents ok?  What is the LM's ultimate goal?  And where/what is that freaking book?!

What are your questions/theories/musings about this series and the upcoming Shadowfever release?



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