Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sookie is comin' round the mountain

Lily and I have been so caught up in BDB anticipation that other great releases have yet to get the proper attention they deserve.

PC Cast released another installment in her House of Night series: Burned on April 27th.  The last book was very disappointing to me but it ended with an amazing last 20ish pages that left me jonesin to see what happens next.

And Finally!!!!! The much awaited Sookie Stackhouse update from Charlaine Harris, Dead in the Family, will grace shelves on May 4th.  I really can't wait to see what develops further between Eric and Sookie.  Team Eric for the win!

In DVD land, season 2 of True Blood comes out May 25th...meaning season 3 will soon appear on a boob tube near you!  June 13th to be exact :)

On other news, I have finished Lover Mine and OMG it was amazing.  One of my favorites from the series for sure, I still can't bring myself to cheat on Rhage yet every novel she writes seems to get better and better.  Also thank you Ward for finally including more of Rhage in this book, he seemed to fade into the background for a while in previous novels.  I was hoping for more Godzilla action though :(  Anyways, in the next few days, Lily and I will be cooking up a kick butt review of Lover Mine...spoilers will abound, but there will be bolded "attention if you read this its not our fault if you haven't finished the novel yet".  I hate when a book is ruined for me, but thats why I have been diligently avoiding any mention of Ward for the past week.  My head is still spinning with realizations and questions.  Oh how I will cry when this series is finally put to bed.



Helena Sparrow said...

LOL I do what I can. I aim to please, I aim to please.

Lily Ghates said...

(Comment originally posted May 3, 2010. Reposted due to account error)

Whoa, multitasker. Thanks for picking up on my slack. I think you covered a week's worth of paranormal news in 500 words or less. Bravo! ;)

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