Sunday, May 9, 2010

Disney Goes Steampunk

In a new product line they're calling The Mechanical Kingdom, those crazy Disney Imagineers have taken the most iconic Disney cartoons and added a bit of steampunk flair.

While some steampunk purists are heralding this as the end of steampunk and beginning of the apocalypse, I see Disney Steampunking as nothing more than a cute addition to the genre, one that may even bring more light to it. I'm of the firm opinion that only cockroaches should scurry in face of light and attention, so I don't see added attention as a bad thing, necessarily.

To read more on Disney's turn to steampunk, check out the Steampunk Scholar's take on the issue.



SIN said...

I love Disney.... I will be checking them out I am a Mickey Mouse girl at heart.

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