Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vampires and Advertising: The Next Big Thing?

Vampire books. Vampire movies. Vampire television shows. With vampire themed media raking in the bug bucks, it was only a matter of time before advertisers started looking for their piece of the vamp-pie.

To advertise the second season of True Blood, a fake advertising campaign was launched. The first adds touted the product that shares it's name with the title of the show; True Blood, the beverage choice of mainstream vamps everywhere.

But the ads didn't end with the synthetic blood substitute. Faux ads targeting vampire enthusiasts with everything from Marc Ecko cologne to Gillette razors to Harleys and Mazdas are cropping up around the country. Several big name brands are throwing in with HBO to create these adds, and it looks as though the response is a favorable one.

Take this ad, featuring Harley Davidson:

Or this one, from Marc Ecko:

Or this one, from Gillette:

Ok, so the current campaigns are only stunt campaigns, but they are attracting attention and could be indicative of a potential market. If so, this likely isn't the last we'll see of vampire advertising.

For some articles on the faux vamp advertisements, please click here and here.



Vampire Empire said...

The Harley ad looks great. Actually they all look decent without being too hokey.

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