Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Twilight Cartoon

As long as I'm talking up other people's work (c'mon, what the hell else would we do on a review blog), I wanted to include this cartoon.

This rendering is not mine. I am in no way this talented. It is the work of Shinga who is, well, quite gifted, as you can obviously see. Shinga is the artist behind the Head Trip comic strip. Funny stuff if you're interested in checking it out. It's on hiatus at the moment, but plenty of back comics to read.

Anyway, the following is Shinga's recap of Twilight. Oh Twilight, I love you in spite of reason, but I still find this damn funny.

If you can't get the text to enlarge enough to read it here, follow this link to the original.

If you enjoyed this, check out Shinga's other work. Giving credit where credit is due, people.



Sarah (Kat) Mahoney said...

Ah, nothing makes a lil sis prouder than watching her big sis completely OWN those sparkly bastards...

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