Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Black Dagger Brotherhood

I'm baaaaaaaaaack! Maybe not for long, but long enough to stop by and post. And fair warning, this post is going to be both lengthy and pack with beautiful men.

I went to see Thor last night and I swear, all I could think when watching Chris Hemsworth stomp, yell, and charm his way around the screen was "Holy f*ck! That's totally Rhage!"

I kinda expected the Beast to jump out and eat some Lessers Shield Agents

Which got me thinking. Helena and I have spent a LOT of time discussing who we think should play the Brothers should God and JR ever grace us with a Brotherhood movie (or, and I scarcely hope to dream, an HBO series). We don't always agree on the choices (although we both agree E.T. would make a GREAT Scribe Virgin), but in the light of the latest rash of superhero movies and all the beautiful, buff men they pack into them (God bless you, Marvel!), some of my choices have changed. So, here it is, my list of the guys I believe should play the Brothers:

Gerard Butler as Wrath - I always have the hardest time visualizing Wrath, then I saw a pic of Gerard with long hair. It all fell into place for me after that.

Chris Hemsworth as Rhage - the only thing missing is the Tootsie Pop

Wentworth Miller as Zsadist - My favorite

Ryan Reynolds as Butch

Alex O'Loughlin as Vishous - another fine man who's already played a vampire once, VERY effectively

Channing Tatum as Phury - And if Channing was playing Phury, I may actually like Phury...somewhat

Mark Salling as Rehvenge - Even if he didn't have a mohawk, he'd still be prefect for this role

Tom Welling as John Matthew

Kate Beckinsale as Payne - she's totally a Brother, no denying it

Do you agree with my choices? Who do you think should play the Brothers? Perhaps next week, I'll give you my picks for the Shellans, or the boys who haven't had their own books yet.



TheBookHour said...

I think the Thor guy is totally Rhage, I can't believe I didn't make the connection! Also, you're tagged Butch just like I imagine him! Cool post.

Lily Ghates said...

Thank you! I'm glad you agree. I haven't seen the guy from Thor is anything but Thor, but everything about his portrayal in that just screamed Rhage. Especially the temper that was countered only by his affection for his friends and Jane (another coincidence?), and the smartass way he handles the non-serious moments in the film. Not to mention the ungodly amount of food he packed away. Seriously, if he had been chopping on a Tootsie Pop and driving a GTO in the movie, the connection would have been complete.

Helena Sparrow said...

Yay! I have missed my Lily! ;p LOVE the choices, now I gotta go watch Thor lol. Oh and don't forget Xhex, she is an honorary brother in my book too.

Lily Ghates said...

I miss you too! You will freaking love Thor! It's light on the romance, heavy on the action, with a decent amount of explosions and tons of ass-kicking. I'm surprised you haven't seen it already, it was MADE FOR YOU!

Xhex is totally a Brother, but I didn't want to steal JM's thunder, so I'll include her and Manny with the Shellans ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I see these post are a year old but I have loved bdb longer than favorite is and has been John Matthew...and I absolutely love tom welling. All are a superb match up

Lily Ghates said...

Glad you like the choices! We've taken an hiatus from the blog lately, but hop to return someday.

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