Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Females

Last week, I posted about which actors I would choose to play the lead male roles in a Black Dagger Brotherhood movie (or TV series - that's right, I'm looking at you HBO). Now for the female side of the Brotherhood:

Mila Kunis as Beth

Emily Rossum as Mary

Cobie Smulders as Bella - because Z needs someone as tough as he is

Scarlet Johansson as Marissa

Kristen Bell as Doc Jane

Laura Vandervoot as Cormia

Dianna Agron as Ehlena

Charlize Theron as Xhex

Jon Huertas as Dr Manny Manello - If Payne's a Brother, Manny has to be counted here. Somehow, I don't think he'd mind being included with all the women

Those are my picks for the Shellans (and Manny). How do they weigh up against the version of the Shellans you picture as you read? What did I hit head on, and what did I miss by a mile?



Ashley Amanda said...

1, 4 and 7 are my favorites! I mentioned you in my blog, check it out!

Lily Ghates said...

I'm glad you enjoyed! Will def check out your blog.

Portugal said...

I loved the twilight series but found it very juvenile. Absolutely loved the Black Dagger series, it was written with adult woman in mind. Very romantic and interesting. The whole Black dagger series keeps one captivated. I was very sad I finished the series so quickly.

Lily Ghates said...

I can definitely sympathize, Portugal. The first 5 books were already out when I started the series. I tore through them and now I'm forced to wait for each new release.

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