Saturday, May 14, 2011

BDB Book Club: Lover Eternal Discussion

This month's book club centers on the second installment, Rhage's book: Lover Eternal!

1. On a scale from 1-5, what would you rate this book? Briefly tell us why.
I rate this book a 5 all the way!  I have a Godzilla sized crush on Rhage on top of the fact that JR Ward's writing is spectacular.  See my prior review here.
2. Did you have any preconceived notions about this book given that we knew it would be from the point of view of a different brother?
I like the different views.  At first, I was worried that the magic of the first wouldn't be matched; however, the views already change so much within each novel that I did not worry much about the focus moving to another brother.  Rhage intrigued me in the first book, I am a lover of the smart ass so I highly anticipated a novel just about him. :)
3. What did you think of Rhage's transformations?
Holy boatloads of killer bees!  The Scribe Virgin never ceases to surprise me on how fast she flies up on the bitch-o-meter.  Seriously, she only gets better as the novels progress...
4. What did you think of Rhage and Mary's first encounter at the Brother's house?  Did you foresee a relationship forming after this meeting?
The first encounter was a bit creepy.  Honestly in the grand scheme of things, I never really liked Mary.  She seemed very weak and lacked a shred of confidence in the beginning.  As the novel continued, I started to like her more but she definitely is not a favorite of mine.  I figured a relationship would come out of the two of them simply because this is a romance novel; however, did I find them compatible in that moment, not really.
5. Ward seems to like forcing her characters to make some hard choices.  What did you think of Rhage's choice to save Mary at the end of the book?  Would you do the same for someone you loved?
I completely admired Rhage's decision.  I would one hundred percent do the same thing without a second thought.
6. Do you think John will become a brother after his transformation?
Yes, the foreshadowing definitely points that way.  The brotherhood could use some more new blood!
7. Do you think Bella will become Zsadist's shellan?  What, if anything, do you think this will do to Phury and Zsadist's relationship as a result given that Phury showed mild interest in Bella as well?
Zsadist deserves a compassionate and steadfast shellan, both qualities that I think Bella embodies completely.  I think Bella will be a point of contention between the two brothers; however, with the celibacy claim that Phury has undertaken and his martyr attitude around his twin, I don't think Phury would outright fight for Bella.

Zsadist's book is next!  Come back in June for the next book club!



Logan E. Turner said...

I agree about Mary - she never really seemed that interesting, especially compared to Bella and Beth.

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