Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quotes from Lover Unleashed revealed by JR Ward

I took it upon myself to compile all the quotes that JR Ward released for her upcoming novel Lover Unleashed set to hit shelves on March 29th!

As she came out of the darkness by her grave, she took a halting
breath and nearly sobbed. There he was in the flesh. Her boss. Her
colleague. The one she’d left behind. And he was standing over a black
headstone that had her name carved in its face.   (Doc Jane)
Scanning the inside of the club, he put his f*** filter on and began
weeding through the women and the men and the couples. There was
one and only one reason he’d come here, and it was the same for the
other Goths in the place. This was not for a relationship. This was not even for companionship. This was all about the in and out...  (Qhuinn)
This time he moaned deep in his throat as he lowered the candle tip—because he knew what was coming. More moaning. More wax. A loud curse that was followed by another hiss. There was no need to go pneumatic. The pain was enough... (V)
“I am . . . absolutely destroyed at the loss.” (Manny)
Inch by inch, he separated the tripart weave, the waves both slick
and clinging. And because he was a bast**d, all he could think about
was the sh** all over his bare chest . . . his abs . . . his co**—
“That’s far enough,” she said. (Manny with Payne's braid)
His father rode up to him and smiled with a vicious edge. “Mayhap afterward
we shall enjoy the fruits of the gardens herein.” (Bloodletter)
“You want me,” she drawled when they were face-to- face.
“Yeah. Hell, yeah.” His hands grabbed her waist and pulled her in tight, and then he cupped her hips and held her against him. “Gimme your mouth.” (Manny and Payne)
“Yup.” Butch grinned and raised his glass. “You want another
“You bet your balls.” (Butch and V)
When he took his palms away, there was a slickness left behind, one that he refused to think too much about.
“I’m in love,” he said hoarsely. “With someone else. That’s why.” (Qhuinn)
He was utterly empty, to the point where he was curious where the ambulation routine was coming from, because he sure as f**k wasn’t doing anything consciously.
Stopping and staring across the sluggish, stinking waters of the Hudson, he laughed cold and hard. (V)
“I would do anything for you. Anything.”
With that, he pushed his way out . . . and as the door eased shut, she realized that I love you could indeed be said without actually uttering the phrase.
Actions did mean more than words. (V)
“Are you just going to watch, true?” (V)
Blay smoothed the duvet over his chest. A couple of times. “Do
I . . . please you.” (Blay to Saxton)


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