Sunday, March 13, 2011

Introducing: Arianna Sunrunner!

Arianna Sunrunner is a good friend of mine (Helena Sparrow).  She has a fondness for the paranormal world and breezes through piles of novels at an enviable pace.  And of course she has a snarky sense of humor that blends directly with mine and Lily's.

Now on to the meet and greet! :D

What is your favorite paranormal species and why?

Hmmm…. If I had to pick one it would have to be dragons, the fact that they can destroy anything by just breathing fire on it is awesome. They are just not kidding around when pissed off. Also, the fact that they can fly and no one can stop a dragon if they feel like going anywhere.
Who are your favorite authors?

Number one would have to be Melanie Rawn. I’m also a huge Ernest Hemingway fan. From a paranormal standpoint JR Ward, Karen Moning, Nalini Singh are my top favorites. I also enjoy Juliet Marillier and Max Brooks
What novel has been the most memorable for you and why?

It would have to be the Melanie Rawn’s Sunrunner and Star Scroll Series. I read them the first time in high school and I just love rereading them. It’s so detailed and you follow two generations of characters and you get so involved with their lives.

What is your favorite food?

 I just heart food in general, I’ll eat just about anything at least once. Huge wine and cheese fanatic. But a good roast lamb is by far my favorite dish.

If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do with it?

 Give everyone an IQ test, if you fail you get put on a deserted island.
Any random guilty pleasures you would like to share?

If I’m in the mood for a snack I make toast with jam and cheese on it. Mmmm…….

And finally, tell us a cheesy joke.

 A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks: “why the long face?”

We are super excited to welcome Arianna to the team!  Check back soon for her debut review!



Lily Ghates said...

Welcome to the blog! I'm so happy you could join (even happier that it's right as I fell off the face of the earth, so poor Helena isn't left all by her lonesome!)

It's great to have you aboard! :)

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