Friday, March 25, 2011

Black Dagger Brotherhood Fan Gear

She has finally done it!  JR Ward has created fan gear for her Black Dagger Brotherhood series!  I am in awe and a chunk of my bank account will dwindle as a result.  Go here to check it all out!

Jewelry, apparel, mugs, stickers...tons of fun stuff!  And all the proceeds go to help animals in need, so it is for a great cause.

Clicks away to do some shopping :D



Helena Sparrow said...

Totally ordered a ton of fun stuff! Can't wait for my travel mug, car tag, necklace, and Rhage tshirt to come in!!!! *fan girl grin*

Lily Ghates said...

LOL, you are too much!

Helena Sparrow said...

You know you are jonesin' for a Zsadist shirt...don't even lie ;p

Lily Ghates said...

You aren't even kidding. I think I'd prefer to make my own, though. :)

Assuming I ever have time for anything again :(

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