Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book By Its Cover - Blood Song

Cat Adams' new release Blood Song is today's book by its cover review.


Bodyguard Celia Graves has definitely accepted her share of weird assignments, both human and supernatural. But her newest job takes the cake. Guarding a Prince from terrorists and religious fundamentalists is hard enough, but it seems like the entire supernatural world is after this guy too. When she is betrayed by those she is employed to help, and everything goes horribly wrong, Celia wakes to find herself transformed.

Neither human nor vampire, Celia has become an Abomination—something that should not exist—and now both human and supernatural alike want her dead. With the help of a few loyal friends—a sexy mage, a powerful werewolf, and a psychic cop—Celia does her best to stay alive. On the run from her enemies, Celia must try to discover who is behind her transformation …before it’s too late.

Helena's Thoughts:

Love this cover! The eye color is piercing and animalistic. The gaze...wow, she is going to either rip you to shreds or completely ravage you. Love how her hair sweeps in. When I first saw this cover, I expected green/blue eyes and black hair...but this combo of brown and gold really works in a non-cliche kind of way. Font has a vintage edge to me. Title is fairly standard for the genre. Summary and cast of characters sounds highly intriguing. Definitely a novel worth looking into further.

Lily's Thoughts:

This cover strikes me as eerie and menacing. Yes, the woman pictured is obviously lovely, but I don't think anyone would mistake her as timid or passive. Her energy almost jumps off the cover. But it isn't repulsive, instead it kind of draws you in, perhaps against your better judgment.

This cover definitely makes me want to know more about the book.


Helena Sparrow said...

I was just about to post this and explain how you are the one that sucks at life this time ;p. But when I went to open the post I saw you were in the middle of typing lol.

Lily Ghates said...

Ha! Beat you to the punch!

...Cause I don't have other things I need to be writing...

*face palm*

SIN said...

Love the cover I believe it shows a woman sexuality without showing too much of her body. Her eyes are cat like and slick with just a little hit of her red lips.

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