Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's an Anniversary, of Sorts

Attention everyone, this is a big day for those of us here at Vamps R Us. Why? Well, because our last post officially put us at the 100 posts mark!

Ok, ok, so emo tweens may reach the 100 post mark in 5 days, but school, work, and everything in between has conspired to keep Helena and I (not to mention Evie and Virgina, when they have time) from basically anything fun. This little blog, dedicated to a subject we actually enjoy, is our form of peaceful protest against the adult world that's doing its damnedest to turn us into 9-to-5 drones.

That's why we appreciate the little things.

Thanks for reading, everyone.


Helena Sparrow said...

Yay! Go us! lol

I am excited for xmas break. I have a ton of book reviews that need to be completed. :)

I just started Fangland by John Marks. OMG it is way too Dracula-esque horror slaughterhouse for me so far, but I am trying to plunge through. I love the newer sexy charismatic vampires much more lol.

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