Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts on True Blood

I've had a varied relationship with the HBO series True Blood. Since the premature cancellation of CBS's Moonlight, I've needed something vampire related gracing my television with at least semi-frequency. Enter True Blood, based off Charlaine Harris's delightful southern vampire series, also known as the Sookie Stackhouse series. Now, despite being a rural vampire tale told entirely in first person (a POV that generally turns me off within the first page), I love this series. I really do. I had just finished the first book in the series (Dead Until Dark) when the first season of True Blood premiered. If you are unfamiliar with the series, the first book supplies the plot for the first season - at least loosely.

As television series and movies are want to do, many liberties were taken with the original subject matter. The TV series was made darker and sexier, with far more subplots than the actual book accounts for. That makes sense. The book series is told all in first person. If Sookie doesn't know something the audience doesn't know it either. That's one of the limitations of first person; the reader sees the world through a single character's perception. The TV series has more flexibility. Actions can take place around Sookie without her knowledge, the audience privy to information Sookie lacks.

Despite this, certain aspects of the TV series bother me. Some changes are made seemingly without cause. Actions are changed. Character's are made weaker or more ignorant than they are meant to be. Characters are left out (HELLO, Bubba anyone?). Sookie just seems more needy and less independent. Like I said, parts of the series bother me Even so, I'm excited for season 2 because I'm hoping that as the series grows in popularity, it will be able to draw more information from the books that provide the original source material. Only time will tell.

The first season of True Blood goes on sale tomorrow. Incidently, its release date coincides with Helena Sparrow's birthday. Happy birthday, Helena :)

~ Lily


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