Monday, April 26, 2010

T Minus 1 Day Until Lover Mine

Tomorrow is the big day, the release of Lover Mine.

JR Ward's books have captivated many and been translated into a host of other languages. While some of the non-US covers aren't as great as the covers we in the US know and love, I do need to show some appreciation to the designer of the German covers. Check out the first five:

Dark Lover and Lover Eternal
The Dark Lover cover is a little hokey, but the Lover Eternal cover is beautiful.

Lover Awakened and Lover Revealed
Same here, the figure on the Lover Awakened cover is odd,
while the Lover Revealed design is cool.

And I must say, I truly love the German cover for Lover Unbound. Beautiful.

What do you think?



Helena Sparrow said...

Unbound and Eternal are gorgeous! I bet Rhage is just as freaking hot in German lol. Can't wait!!! I don't think my books will get here tomorrow tho...gawd its going to kill me inside :(

Helena Sparrow said...

And they made Wrath look like a tranny lol

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