Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In Memory of Moonlight

Well, I have chapters due to my critique partners and a synopsis that needs to be contest ready by June 15, so that means that I'm writing furiously wasting time online as usual. Yeah, cause I'm cool like that (*epic fail*).

Anyway, while perusing twitter and certain other blogs, I saw this blog post on popculturedivas, lamenting the departure of tv shows that left us all too soon. One of the shows mentioned was Moonlight, which of course reminded me exactly how much I *loved* Moonlight, which inspired this post when I really should be concentrating on rewrites for chapter 3.

If you missed this show when it was on, then you truly missed out. CBS dropped the ball in an outstanding manner when they canceled Moonlight after the first season, ending their one vampire-themed show just before HBO found tremendous success with True Blood (seriously, *what* were they thinking).

This video, cleverly titled "Interview with the Vampire", is a teaser of the series, which revolves around Private Investigator Mick St. John, who just happens to be a vampire.

Turned by his now ex-wife, Mick tries to atone for the sins of his existence by helping those unable to help themselves. Along the way he meets spunky reporter Beth Turner, and finds himself falling for her.

The single season of the series (now available for purchase), is filled with humor and drama, delightful supporting characters, and a male lead who is completely captivating. Mick is just sexy, and Beth is a likable female lead who's as smart and she is beautiful.

In short, if you love vampires, you should watch this show.



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