Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Recommendsday Review - Hollowland by Amanda Hocking

Today's Recommendsday review is Hollowland by Amanda Hocking.

I came across this gem when searching for cheap books for my Nook.  Hollowland promised zombies, romance, and plenty of action; I was hooked at "zomb-".  The price is crazy affordable, just 99 cents more than free; and nestled nicely into my college student budget.  Hocking is a very talented author who boasts many ebooks for the Kindle and Nook.  Along with a love for paranormal romance, Hocking and I are mere months apart in age.  That's right, Amanda Hocking is 26!  I am in awe of all she has accomplished in less than a year (according to her blog) and her success is very inspiring.  Now onward to my review!

Remy is on a mission in zombie infested waters.  After a horrific invasion of her compound by zombies, Remy's little brother is whisked away to another installation miles away.  Remy is desperate to find her brother and desperate times call for desperate zombie ass-kicking moves.  (Yes I just morphed two cliched phrases within a few sentences...envy my brainwaves).  Teamed up with a spoiled tween girl, Harlow, a rockstar, Lazlo, and a medical student, Blue; Remy fights her way toward her goal.  Humor and sarcasm pepper the nailbiting action.  I devoured this book in two sittings, only stopping for that pesky responsibility known as classwork.

The character development is superb.  I absolutely loved Remy with all her fire and determination.  Rip roaring action is around every page.  Speaking of roaring, did I mention there is a zombie eating lion?!  I didn't, well hot dog!  I think I about busted a gut when Ripley first entered the fray.  Honestly, in a nut shell, I completely adored this book.  My only misgiving is the ending; it seems very abrupt and left me wanting more closure with the characters.  I am hoping that means a sequel is on its way...fingers crossed! :)

Rating: 5/5



Lily Ghates said...

Loved this story, absolutely loved it. I agree that the ending was abrupt, but I didn't have a problem with it. While I would also love a sequel, I thought the ending was appropriate. Remy lives in a world where nothing is secure and no one is guaranteed a happily ever after. I thought the abrupt ending brought that point home. In this world, we can't even be sure that our feisty, zombie killing heroine is going to get a happy ending. We can just hope.

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