Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book By Its Cover - Waking the Witch

Today's book by its cover review is Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong.


At twenty-one, Savannah Levine-orphaned daughter of a notorious dark witch and an equally notorious cutthroat sorcerer-considers herself a full-fledged member of the otherworld. The once rebellious teen has grown into a six-foot-tall, motorcycle-riding jaw-dropper, with an impressive knowledge of and ability to perform spells. The only problem is, she's having a hard time convincing her adoptive parents, Paige and Lucas, to take her seriously as an adult. She's working as the research assistant at the detective agency they founded, and when they take off on a romantic vacation alone, leaving her in charge, Savannah finds herself itching for a case to call her own. (She's also itching for Adam, her longtime friend and colleague, to see her as more than just a little girl, but that's another matter.)

Suddenly, Savannah gets the chance she's been waiting for: Recruited by another supernatural detective, she travels to Columbus, Washington, a small, dying town. Two troubled young women have been found in an abandoned warehouse, murdered. Now a third woman's dead, and on closer inspection small details point to darker forces at play. Savannah feels certain she can handle the case, but with signs of supernatural activity appearing at every turn, things quickly become more serious- and far more dangerous-than she realizes.

Helena's Thoughts:

LOVE this cover.  I find myself drawn to the blue/green urban covers most, purple power color second, ha.  Storm clouds seem to gather energy from the radiating model, or vice versa...regardless she seems connected to nature in a raw way that is highly appealing.  Bad ass motorcycle - check!  Bad ass shoes - check!  Lack of typical black leather cladness - check!  Yay, finally a heroine that looks freaking awesome and formidable in a pair of jeans and a wife beater.  The tree in the background is pretty sweet too.  I adore this cover if you haven't caught on to that yet!  Stellar job Armstrong!

Lily's Thoughts:

(Yea Lily, I decided to post this without you.  Bite me! ;p  I misses you)


Lily Ghates said...

I miss you too! Glad to see you're keeping the blog going in my lazy-assed absence.

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