Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Finished!

Good news for Black Dagger Brotherhood fans. The 8th novel in the series, Lover Mine, is officially finished!

According to JR Ward herself (via her message boards):
"Well it's official, John is finished- just fed exd the last third of the galleys back to NY. Couple of stats: he's 512 pages long typeset (although that might varying a couple of pages as a result of my changes to the galleys) and he came in at 192,828 words and 74 chapters."

And because you can never get too much JR Ward, here's another quote from her message boards. Now, anyone who's read an interview with JR in which she's talked about Vishous know that she and he just don't mesh. She struggled to write his book just because she couldn't get into his head the way she could the other brothers. To that end, she and Vishous don't really get along too well. Recently, someone on the message boards asked her if she was attracted to V despite their history. This is her response:


This is a joke question right?

*shakes head to clear*

Okay, for real? Short of Z, I think Vishous is the most attractive Brother. I mean, I like that edge of cruelty he has going, and even though I'm totally health conscious, that Turkish tobacco smells AMAZING, and those diamond eyes with the dark blue rims and the tats on the face and the body and the fact that he's been with both males and females and the smarts, God the smarts, and he likes the same music as I do and for f***'s sake, don't get me started on the fact that he's into the whole Dom/sub thing and then there's the veins that run down his forearms and those THIGHS with the warnings on them (even though I don't approve of what they say) and the way he walks- so smooth and deadly. Plus I mean for real, he's a straight up killer, but he got birds for his mother????

Did I meant the black candle and pain thing? Oh, yeah.

No, I mean, honestly V's like my number two- which considering Wrath and Butch and Rehv are in the running (even though Rehv's not a Brother) is really saying something. I love that tats and I think the black glove is sexy (even though the hand is scurry) and he drives like a sonofabitch- and frankly, and I think this is sick, the fact that he's a cranky bastard all the time is just really appealing. I guess because it makes those rare moments when he laughs or smiles magical.

Sh**. I'm pathetic."

I truly love that woman.



Helena Sparrow said...

Oh how I love her as well! I seriously can not wait!!!

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