Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day - Zombie Edition

This Valentine's day, bestselling author Michael P. Spradlin invites us all to celebrate the season of love zombie style. With a press release this awesome, how can the book be anything but?:

From the Author and Illustrator of the New York Times Bestseller It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Zombies! Comes the Perfect Book for Zombie Lovers Everywhere: A Collection of Classic Love Songs, Zombie Style


A Book of Zombie Love Songs

By Michael P. Spradlin
Illustrations by Jeff Weigel

Who says zombies don’t have feelings? Losing a limb might not hurt them, and they don’t seem to mind being shot, but that doesn’t mean the undead can’t love, right?

EVERY ZOMBIE EATS SOMEBODY SOMETIME: A Book of Zombie Love Songs (Harper Paperback Original; Dec. 2010; $9.99) is a collection of over two dozen classic love songs aimed right at the rotting hearts of zombie romantics everywhere. Perfect for a cozy evening at home with an infected loved one, this book is sure to get the blood pumping and the juices flowing in even the most decayed zombies.

With timeless tunes such as “I Want To Eat Your Hand,” “When a Man Bites a Woman”, and “You’re the One That I Chomp”, and heart-melting illustrations to go with each song, EVERY ZOMBIE EATS SOMEBODY SOMETIME is destined to be an apocalyptic classic!

I'm sold. Happy Valentine's day everyone!



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