Monday, August 23, 2010

Skip A Starbucks Day

This is Lily, back from my nuptials and hijacking the blog, as I've been known to do every once in a while.

Today is Skip A Starbucks day. What's that? I'm so glad you asked! Skip A Starbucks Day is your opportunity to take the small amount of money you would spend on a personal indulgence, like a piping hot cup of over priced Starbucks coffee, and instead make a very large difference in Someone's life.

I don't mean "someone" in the vague karmic sense of paying it forward and reaping the rewards, I mean "Someone" (or in this case, "Someones") in the literal, tangible sense. The Someone is a friend of mine, a fellow writer and a resident of Nashville, and her family. CJ Redwine and her family are adopting a daughter. They've been waiting for this precious little girl for so long the paperwork has expired, the deadlines have been extended, and the fees have multiplied. Read CJ's personal account at her blog. Now they are in the home stretch, their daughter is waiting for them and all that stands in the way is the final few dollars they need to bring her home.

This is not a standard donation request. Instead, CJ is hosting Skip A Starbucks Day. For a minimum donation of $5, you can be entered to win PRIZES. Lots of prizes. What kind of prizes? Vampires prize packs, Percy Jackson Prize packs, Harry Potter prize packs, ARCs galore, and many MANY more.

Head on over to CJ's blog, make a donation to help bring their little girl home, and in addition to the intrinsic reward of knowing you've done something positive in the world, enter for a chance to win some pretty awesome prizes. Starbucks can't offer even half of that.



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